Search engine optimization (SEO)


Where do you search? Google? Bing? Facebook? Pinterest? YouTube?

Most of your potential buyers will search online before making a purchase. In order to have a chance to make the sale, you have to be found. And so you have to be find-able.

That means you must apply search engine optimization to your landing pages and web pages. Do it well, and you’ll get more visitors looking for exactly what you have

Although most “traditional” query-based searches do still happen on Google, search is no longer just a purview of search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a relevant and valuable marketing channel evolving to include additional venues and opportunities as web users’ search behavior evolves.

Content marketing is the way of the online marketing future – appealing to both website visitors and the search engines through the publication and distribution of high-value web content. But content marketing isn’t as simple as writing up a few blog posts and linking to them from your social profiles. Take it from the pros – true content marketing requires much more to be successful!


how we work

Our initial priority for new content marketing clients is to attract as many visitors as we can using infographics, blog posts and other content types. This gives our experienced content marketing professionals the data needed to make future content releases even more successful.

Our creative SEO approach is born out of a clear and effective content marketing strategy that engages consumers with sharable content which in turn improves natural search rankings and boosts traffic. This is built on a foundation of technical insight, analysis, social expertise and on-site optimisation.

Our SEO Services

Increased traffic via organic search while increased rankings to top pages for very competitive keywords.

  • Research & Strategy – we can use a range of online tools to identify the best keyword strategy for your site.
  • Strategic Validation & Competitor Analysis – are you targeting the right keywords? What strategies are your competitors following? Where will your site get the best return?
  • Design & Build Analysis if you are redeveloping your site and need validation whether it will be SEO-friendly, we can provide this assurance through extensive template and accessibility analysis.
  • Content optimisation – we can optimise your site in-line with your target keywords either as part of an SEO set-up or as an ongoing activity.
  • SEO Reporting – we can provide analytics reporting and keyword ranking analysis For all our clients.
  • Detailed Site Content Analysis.


In short, SEO from Key Connect

  • Optimize landing pages, web pages, blogs and more for search engines to boost your page rank and get found more often, by the most appropriate searchers.
  • ensures your brand is seen as trustworthy and credible
  • establishes your brand as reputable in your industry
  • provides a content plan with regular updates of quality content